Vaxxed Journalist Against God-given rights, who Criticized Novak Djokovic for Being Unvaccinated, Died Suddenly at 59

Covid Vax Promoter Mike Dickson Died Suddenly. Credit: Daily Mail

Mike Dickson, a writer for the Daily Mail, was at the Australian Open where he collapsed and died at 59 years old, according to reports. Dickson opposed God-given rights and was known to criticize Novak Djokovic for wisely rejecting the deadly COVID vaccine. Sen. Rand Paul said, [Biden, Harris and ] “Fauci contributed to the deaths of “somewhere between 10 and 20 million”.

Dickson wrote: “MIKE DICKSON: Novak Djokovic could ruin his chances of becoming the GOAT by refusing to take the vaccine… it is a strange hill to die on for a player who is so desperate to be loved.”

“People need God for hope,” said Steven Andrew. “Call on Jesus Christ to save you and prayerfully read the Bible morning and evening to have God’s direction for your life,” Andrew said. Andrew, pastor of USA Christian Church, leads the “Save America Revival!” daily program that is “healing our land” and can be seen on the pro-God and pro-America USA.Life social network.

Sen. Ron Johnson condemned the Biden and Harris administration for the deadly Covid vaccine.

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