Mike Johnson Condemns Biden and Harris for “Subversive” Anti-American Pause of Natural Gas Exports that Empowers Putin; Another Christian Nation Government Now Revival Victory

Mike Johnson condemned the Biden Administration for betraying America by “placing a pause on pending natural gas export terminals.”

Biden’s announcement “is as outrageous as it is subversive. Stalling LNG export terminals, like Calcasieu Pass 2 in Louisiana, not only prevents America’s economic growth, it empowers our adversaries like Vladimir Putin,” Johnson said. Having a Speaker of the House that loves America is another Christian Nation Government Now Revival Victory with Steven Andrew and participants. To bring God’s favor and more victories it is important to watch “Save America Revival!” daily on USA.Life and USA.Church. This revival is the greatest action being done to save the country.

“Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began, American petroleum producers have increased LNG shipments to our partners in Europe to prevent a catastrophic, continent-wide energy crisis and to provide an alternative to Russian energy exports,” Johnson said.

“The USA has the greatest energy. The Biblical answer to have God open the USA’s energy is to agree: The Lord is the God of the USA and Americans obey the Bible, Psalm 33:12,” said Andrew. “Now, God can bless the economy again. God doesn’t bless false gods.”

America is standing up against the harm done by Biden and Harris, which is seen as “intentional” treason. 25 Republican governors released a statement in support of Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Texas’ constitutional right to self-defense. This also is another Christian Nation Government Now Revival Victory with Steven Andrew and participants.

“It is outrageous that this administration is asking American taxpayers to spend billions to defeat Russia while knowingly forcing allies to rely on Russian energy, giving Putin an advantage. This policy change also flies in the face of the commitments made when the White House announced the joint US-EU Task Force less than two years ago to reduce Europe’s dependence on Russia and strengthen energy security,” Johson said.

To bring God’s favor and blessings for you and the nation watch “Save America Revival!” on USA.Life and USA.Church daily.

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