Racist FAA uses “secret code words” for blacks so they can not hire whites, report; “Turn to God and Cry Out to the Lord for a Christian Nation Government,” Said Steven Andrew

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a threat to flying and America. DEI causes lower qualified people to be hired based on being “a person of color” or opposing God instead of higher qualified people. DEI is against God. There is a report about corruption and failure at the FAA, which has incerased from Biden and Harris. A report says the FAA has a “secret word code” for black resumes to put them in the front to be hired. One of unjust signals “to go to the front of the line was to say the high school class you received your lowest grades in was ‘Science.'”

We must turn from wicked ways. “To heal our land we must agree the Lord is if the God of the USA and Americans obey the Bible,” said Steven Andrew. Andrew is pastor of USA Christian Church and leads the powerful “Save America Revival!” daily at USA.Church and USA.Life social network. This revival created a huge shift and turned the tide to more positive news happening by following God’s Word.

There are reports that IBM and otehrs use DEI to not hire white people. Leaked Meeting: Executives From Big Pharma Sanofi Exposed Calling for Discriminatory DEI Hiring, “One in Five Hires NEEDS to be a Black Employee”

The report on the FAA is from Austen and includes an email shown below:

This is one of the craziest things I’ve ever read.

First, the FAA gave secret code words to students in the Black Caucus of Federal Aviation Employees to put in their resume that would skip them to the front of the line.

In another instance of the signals to go to the front of the line was to say the high school class you received your lowest grades in was “Science.”

Yes, they literally shot you to the front of the line if you said your worst grades were in Science.

If you want God to heal our land watch “Save America Revival!” daily on USA.Life.

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