Leaked Meeting: Executives From Big Pharma Sanofi Exposed Calling for Discriminatory DEI Hiring, “One in Five Hires NEEDS to be a Black Employee”

DEI Racism

Hateful Democrat racism is a threat to our Republic. A leaked Big Pharma Sanofi call exposed that “one in five hires NEEDS to be a black employee for us to meet our goals” and “One in ten HAS to be a Latinx employee for us to meet our goals.” Practices such as these happen at many companies. IBM was exposed for being racist against white people. Diversity, equity and inclusion, which is called “DEI,” is to disobey God and to hate God and people. DEI is divisive and sin, because it disobeys the First and Second Commandment that Jesus Christ gives to love God and people in Mark 12:30-31. Political commentaries point out that DEI is a communist scheme to destroy America.

That is why Steven Andrew brings God’s hope and calls the country to love God and people, and to turn from wicked ways, including DEI. “Healing our land starts by agreeing in covenant that the Lord is the God of the USA and Americans, those who believe, are His people,” Andrew said. Andrew is the inspirational revival pastor of USA Christian Church calling people back to God.

The Gateway Punidt reported: O’Keefe Media Group on Thursday evening released a leaked Zoom call showing executives from Big Pharma company Sanofi discussing discriminatory hiring practices. Carole Huntsman, Former Senior VP said on video: “For instance, for black employees, one in five hires NEEDS to be a black employee for us to meet our goals.” Huntsman continued, “One in ten HAS to be a Latinx employee for us to meet our goals. And you know, we have quarterly goals and we track them with data and so far we’ve met our goals every quarter since we’ve rolled out the aspiration.”

If you want God to bless America, then watch “Save America Revival!” daily with Steven Andrew at USA.Life social network and USA.Church. Everyone needs Jesus Christ! Andrew is leading this generation to covenant with the Lord. This is the greatest action being done in Christianity, to restore God’s blessings and to get the most people saved. To make a difference and share God’s love, consider donating to USA Christian Church.

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