Popular Soccer Player Luis ‘Matador’ Tejada Collapsed and Died at 41 Years Old

Luis Tejada “Matadorm”. Credit AP.

Popular soccer player Luis “Matador” Tejada died at 41 years old, the Panamanian Football Federation reported. Tejada was playing in a soccer game before he collapsed and later was pronounced dead, according to reports.

People have concerns if this was another Covid shot death. Sen. Rand Paul said, [Biden, Harris and ] “Fauci contributed to the deaths of “somewhere between 10 and 20 million”. Sen. Ron Johnson reported COVID-19 Vaccines Are 55x Deadlier Than Flu Vaccines.

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Recently, the vaxxed Journalist Against God-given rights, who Criticized Novak Djokovic for Being Unvaccinated, Died Suddenly at 59.

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