Sen. Rand Paul: [Biden, Harris, and] Fauci contributed to the deaths of “somewhere between 10 and 20 million”


Those who mandated Covid shots contributed to killing as many as 20 million people, according to multiple reports. Now, in a WABC-AM New York interview on Sunday, Sen. Rand Paul too accused Dr. Fauci of contributing to the deaths of “somewhere between 10 and 20 million” people in the COVID-19 pandemic. Paul said that Dr. Anthony Fauci should go to prison. Obama, Biden, and Fauci are blamed for funding deadly gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab in China that caused Covid.

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The Covid shots are reported to have over 1,000 negative consequences, including death, myocarditas, cancers, and miscarriages. Reports by the Correlation Research in the Public Interest, Steve Kirsch and others exposed that Biden, Harris, Fauci and the Democrat Party aided to kill 13 to 20 million people and injured 2 billion people with Covid shots. The Correlation Research in the Public Interest study titled, “COVID-19 vaccine-associated mortality in the Southern Hemisphere,” shows 17 million deaths from Covid shots.

In closed-door testimony to the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, Fauci was forced to admit that social distancing had no scientific basis.  Biden, Harris, Fauci and others harmed millions of people and children, and ruined the economy, apparently on purpose.

Rasmussen Reports found 53% believe COVID-19 vaccines may be to blame for many unexplained deaths, and nearly one-in-four say someone they know could be among the victims.

Pastors point out that God commands lawful punishment of criminals in Romans 13:1-4 KJV. God and Americans are demanding lawful judgment.

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