Sen. Ron Johnson: COVID-19 Vaccines Are 55x Deadlier Than Flu Vaccines

Sen. Ron Johnson condemned the Biden and Harris administration for the deadly Covid vaccine. “When it comes to responding to my data requests on the adverse events associated with the COVID-19 vaccines, your arrogant lack of transparency has been unprecedented, irresponsible, and completely unacceptable,” wrote Johnson in a letter. As a positive note, USA.Life social network saved the most lives with real health news. However, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others blocked health news from people as “misinformation,” but it was true.

Johnson wrote:

My staff reviewed data on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System to determine the number of deaths per million doses associated with the COVID-19 vaccines and the flu vaccines. Although there is no public database on the number of flu doses administered in individuals in the U.S. over the last 10 years, my staff was able to generate this figure by making reasonable assumptions based on publicly-available data on the number of flu vaccine doses distributed each year. With this information, my staff calculated flu vaccine deaths per million doses assuming different percentages of the distributed flu vaccine were, in fact, administered.

The difference in deaths per million doses is so stark and disturbing, that is makes little difference what we assume the percentage of distributed flu vaccines were actually administered.

Using the midpoint assumption that 70% of distributed flu vaccines were administered, the 25.5 deaths per million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine represents a 55 fold increase over the flu vaccine deaths per million doses. This is a shocking difference and only adds to the growing evidence of safety signals that are screaming to be taken seriously.

Sen. Rand Paul said, [Biden, Harris and ] “Fauci contributed to the deaths of “somewhere between 10 and 20 million”.

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