Steven Andrew Defines January As “Declare the USA Is Pro-life Month”

Declare the USA Is Pro-life

“To save the nation” and “for God to give good leaders who love America,” Steven Andrew calls the country to agree with God and declare: “God is pro-life. I am pro-life. The USA is pro-life!” A brochure and videos provide answers on why God says to be pro-life. Andrew is pastor of USA Christian Church and leads the group “America Is On the Lord’s Side,” with leading Christians and pastors nationwide.

God is pro-life is the first point of this “Declare the USA Is Pro-life Campaign”. “God cares for us and says, ‘Thou shalt not kill’ in Exodus 20:13 and we are “fearfully and wonderfully made in Psalm 139,” Andrew said.

The second point is bad leaders who raise taxes and oppose freedom are God’s judgment. “Psalm 106:37-42 shows abortion is sacrificing children to devils and causes God’s judgment of ‘they that hated them ruled over them,'” he said.

“There is hope and forgiveness in Jesus Christ; non-Christians must call upon Jesus Christ to be saved, so they don’t lose their souls for abortion or other sins.”

The third main point is to ask God’s forgiveness by confessing abortion is sinful. Andrew doesn’t seek God’s judgment, because the USA is guilty with millions of abortions. Instead, he says to seek God’s mercy for abortion, false gods, homosexual sin and those people breaking covenant by thinking the USA isn’t a Christian nation. “A final judgment could be captivity as happened to Israel, so it is urgent we reaffirm covenant,” Andrew said.

Andrew asks Christians and churches to join him in receiving God’s forgiveness with a prayer.

Special events are planned all year. Participants can sign up for “America Is on the Lord’s Side” for updates at the USA Christian Church website.

“As an encouragement to live for God,” there are pro-life hats and shirts available in the Pro-life Store. All proceeds support ministry outreaches and evangelism.

Those wanting to raise three generations who follow Jesus Christ can donate here. “We must turn the nation to God right away and the Gospel outreaches cost $400,000,” Andrew said.

Steven Andrew has reached over 80 million people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is pastor of USA Christian Church and leads America Is on the Lord’s Side. He is CEO of USA.Life, the new pro-America and pro-Christian social network that is the pro-life alternative to Facebook.

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