WATCH: New Secret Video Shows George Floyd Resisting Arrest

A surprising, secret video has been found that CNN and all the mainstream media hid from the public, because it shows George Floyd resisting the arrest.

George Floyd should not have been killed. Everyone agrees with that. It is sad he died.

This hidden video brings new information that few people have seen. It shows what happened before. This reveals the struggle.

Would Floyd be alive if he didn’t fight back against the police and simply got in the police car instead of refusing the police officers? The video shows the police officers were trying to bring Floyd to the police station, but Floyd wouldn’t get in the police car.

Many people believe the mainstream news should not hide this video from the American people. The video shows Floyd pushing back against the police and not doing what they asked. Watch the video to learn more of what happened.

Please pray for the country. We need Jesus Christ to be safe.

Pray that people’s hearts will be soft and they will follow Jesus Christ, who taught us to love God and to love one another. If you haven’t been reading your Bible daily, that is an important part of being prepared to live in God’s love. The nation needs God’s love.

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