President Trump Found Innocent; Not Impeached; Senate Acquits

President Trump Pledge of Allegiance
President Trump Pledges Allegiance to the USA

President Trump was found innocent and was not impeached. The Senate acquitted President Trump on both articles of the Democrats’ Soviet style impeachment sham on Wednesday.

The Bible and the Constitution order President Trump to investigate the corruption of Joe and Hunter Biden. The Lord is our lawmaker and the Bible teaches He wants corruption removed.

Every President is accused of abuse of power. Furthermore, abuse of power is not an impeachable offense. The Democrats brought false charges and refused to allow President Trump due process.

President Trump had strong support that he is innocent. The vote was 52-48 that President Trump didn’t abuse power and 53-47 he was not involved in obstruction. This is far short, as 19-20 additional votes would have been required to impeach President Trump.

This is a landslide victory for President Trump.

Ignoring God and the Constitution, Mormon Mitt Romney was the only Republican who sided with the Democrats’ false accusation of abuse of power.

As a result, more people view Romney as a traitor and part of the swamp. Bible students believe the real problem is Romney is part of the Mormon cult that thinks Jesus is the spirit brother of Lucifer. The Bible teaches Romney’s beliefs are Satanic. Since Romney blasphemes Jesus, it is sinful to support Romney.

President Trump gave an historic State of the Union on Tuesday. He boldly stood up for God and country and is being used of God to unify the country.

“I will be making a public statement tomorrow at 12:00pm from the White House to discuss our Country‚Äôs VICTORY on the Impeachment Hoax!” announced President Trump.

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