Poll Shows People Are Leaving Fox News; Real News Is on USA.Life

People on USA.Life social network get and share real news like no other place. People are abandoning Fox and other deep state controlled mainstream media that give many lies as the deep state colludes in treason against America. A poll with more than 1,000 respondents reveals 98% of WND readers believe Fox News is now “an enemy of the American people.”

Fox and the mainstream media pushed bad health news misinformation that harmed loved ones during Covid, and they won’t call for lawful judgment for treason against the Democrats and the deep state. Fox is part of the deep state that bore false witness against Conserevatives, Christians and President Trump. A recent Rasmussen poll also shows 59% agree with this. Americans lost trust with CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, Washington Post and others.

That is why people love USA.Life social network with the top real news. Elon Musk and Twitter are banning the Bible. They recently banned a Bible verses in Romans. Other social networks censor with Apple, Google and themselves, including Truth, MeWe, Facebook, Twitter and others.

However, USA.Life is the only social network that has “God’s Freedom of Speech”TM and is 100% pro-America.

To help sign up at USA.Life and invite your loved ones, groups and church to Friend you.

The power of USA.Life is it is grassroots. Being community funded, donations always make a difference. You can make a difference today by giving a donation.

Watch this USA.Life video. To get a free account, go to USA.Life.

USA.Life covered how Rudy Guilliani said that Sean Hannity and John Solomon were involved in the cover up of Hunter Biden’s laptop before the election. That is deep state collusion. Check out USA.Life for what is being called “the most trusted news source”.

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