“People Are Dying from the COVID ‘Vaccine’ and Many Have Serious Side Effects,” Reports California Man

People dying from shots

Americans believe in God-given rights, where people have liberty to decide what they do. Sadly, people are dying from being bullied to have the COVID “vaccine” and many others have significant side effects. Just one person knows two people who died after getting the COVID shot and three others who have major side effects. For the second week in a row, the CDC reports COVID shots cause more deaths than Coronavirus.

A verified San Francisco Bay Area resident, who asked to be anyomous to protect the people involved, reported to AmericaFirst.win that “a friend from Calvary church” was forced to get the COVID shot for a job and died two weeks later. Another friend’s boss was pressured into the “vaccine” for work and died. This caused the company to shut down.

Another friend’s friend can no longer go for walks after the shot. A different friend shared that the COVID shot gave two people they know COVID. “My mom got the jab in early February and came down with COVID symptoms three weeks ago. My doctor put her on Ivermectin and zync. She began to feel better immediately upon taking them.” Regarding the second person, they said, “My friend’s brother-in-law, who works-out regularly and is in good shape and is pro-vax, took the jab in January and came down with COVID in June. He was so bad he had to spend a week in intensive care on an I.V. He is back at home now and recovering.” Some doctors believe the COVID shots give people COVID.

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On Tuesday Senator Rand Paul blamed Dr. Fauci for causing the “pandemic” and the deaths. Paul said, “Dr. Fauci, as you are aware it is a crime to lie to Congress… It’s a dance, and you’re dancing around this because you’re trying to obscure responsibility for four million people dying around the world from a pandemic.”

Hank Aaron died after getting the COVID shot.

Do you want freedom? It comes down to who is your final authority? Is Jesus Christ your king or do you follow sinful man? Liberty only comes by having Jesus as King (2 Corinthians 3:17).

The Bible teaches that God made men free and no one can force you to go against your God-given conscience. Those who oppose your liberty really follow the devil, not God. To get out of the national troubles, we must agree America’s God is the Lord and government must obey God! This is our duty. “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God,” is an American Revolution motto.

Mature pastors remind Americans that we have unalienable rights from God and no one can take God-given rights away.

One of the greatest sins in the nation is churches thinking they aren’t essential and can be shut down for months or years. Christ is the head of the church. Churches that can be shutdown need to repent, for Acts 5:29 says, “We ought to obey God rather than man.”

You and your loved one’s lives and freedom are at stake. Is Jesus your king? Will you stand up for liberty?

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