Graham Ledger: Democrats “Willing to Sacrifice People” and “Economic Stability” by Democrats Hating President Trump

Photo Credit OAN/YouTube

On Tuesday, Graham Ledger said that Democrats “hate Donald Trump that much that they are willing to sacrifice people along with our economic stability” in an OAN video.

This is “the greatest political conspiracy,” Ledger said about the Democrats killing the elderly and the economy in their attempt to make innocent President Trump look bad.

Ledger talked about Democrat Governor Cuomo putting COVID-19 patients with the elderly at nursing homes that resulted in killing the elderly. Democrats are trying to shutdown the economy, which causes people to not have money.

“There is no law mandating anything Andrew Cuomo has placed on people,” Ledger added. The Constitution prohibits politicians from forcing people to wear masks.

In response Rev. Steven Andrew said, “The only hope for the USA is to humble ourselves and repent of: false gods such as Mornomism, Islam and Hinduism; abortion; and LGBT sin. We must get right with God to end God’s judgment of the swamp. Join me and stand up say the USA is a Christian nation!”

“If we want God to heal our land we must agree the USA follows Jesus Christ as judge, lawgiver and king as Isaiah 33:22 teaches; Jesus Christ is the answer,” Andrew said. To save America and to save lives Andrew is leading the nation to reaffirm covenant by the group America Is on the Lord’s Side.

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