DANGER: An Article V convention: a globalist coup to impose a new Constitution

Publius-Huldah shares the danger of an Article V convention, which is a globalist attack on the USA. The real issue is we need to follow the Constitution we have that protects our God-given rights. If the corrupt politicians won’t obey the Constuitution we have, how can they be trusted with an Article V convention?

The corrupt politicians would attack America if they have a convention. If a convention happens, then people would suffer in poverty and tyranny. So say: No!

To osave America Steven Andrew is calling the USA to reaffirm covenant that the USA has no king but King Jesus. The Bible teaches this is how we have God’s favor to heal our land. We are to agree with God that marriage is a man and a woman, the USA is pro-life and the USA is a Christian nation if we want God’s help.

Many people are deceived. Mark Levine is wrong on this. To get the truth watch the video.


Summary: Joanna Martin, J.D. (“Publius Huldah”) warns of what’s really behind the push for an Article V convention: to move us into the New World Order or impose a Communist dictatorship. Presented to the Buncombe County Republican Party in Asheville, North Carolina on May 25, 2021.


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