Violent Black Lives Matters Kill White Woman for Saying All Lives Matter

A boy doesn’t have a mother. The violent group Black Lives Matters alegedly shot a white mother because she said all lives matter. 24-year-old Jessica Doty Whitaker was killed in Indianapolis by Black Lives Matter.

Jesus Christ teaches all lives matter.

After weeks of Black Lives Matters looting and crime, more people are calling Black Lives Matters a terrorist group. Black on white crime is many times higher than white on black crime.

In Seattle Black Lives Matters shot and killed two teenagers as part of the CHOP crisis. The Democrat mayor called Black Lives Matters taking over people’s businesses and the police department a “summer of love”.

However, the Bible teaches the answer is to turn to God with all your heart and soul so we have God’s mercy. Each person is to call on Jesus Christ for salvation and repent of their sins.

Scripture teaches the troubles, riots, lockdowns and socialism are God’s judgment for the national sins of rebelling against the Lord with praying to other gods, homosexual sin, drag queens, abortion, the occult and not saying the USA is a Christian nation.

“Unless people get right with God there is no hope things will improve,” said Rev. Steven Andrew. He is leading the nation to reaffirm covenant to heal our land and for national security. Andrew asks people to read 2 Chronicles 15 and 34 and join him in declaring Jesus Christ is Lord of the USA!

The mainstream news is hiding this story about Black Lives Matters, because it doesn’t fit their anti-American agenda. Only local news covered this generally.

The founding fathers are the greatest leaders since the apostles. That is another thing the mainstream news hides from the nation.

In Texas Christians and Conseravtives are protesting unconstitutional lockdowns for violating our God-given rights.

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