Video Exposes #FakeNews Media Ukraine Lies About President Trump

The National Press Secretary for the President Donald J. Trump 2020 Campaign, Kayleigh McEnany, exposed Fake News mainstream media lies about President Trump and Ukraine.

“The media is lying to you and we have evidence,” McEnany said in a video post released Wednesday.

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The Fake News media lied about quid pro quo by President Trump, foreign aid was leveraged and Joe Biden was mentioned 8 times, McEnany points out. However, the transcript shows President Trump didn’t do these things.

Rev. Steven Andrew “calls the USA to humble ourselves before God and seek God daily to solve the national security dangers and to stop the attacks on President Trump”. Andrew is pastor of USA Christian Church.

“As the nation diligently obeys what God says in the Holy Bible, such as serving the Lord and repenting of homosexual sin, this brings God’s favor to drain the swamp and end the fake news attacks on President Trump, such as the Ukraine fake news,” Andrew said. To save the USA, Andrew is leading the nation to reaffirm our Christian nation covenant.

“The fake news media is LYING to you,” wrote the Trump Team.

The fake news and Democrats lied about Ukraine, Russia and other things.

More people see the Democrat Party as liars and traitors, as they have falsely accused innocent President Trump. Democrats voted against tax cuts and securing the border from criminals and rapists.

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