State of the Union: President Trump Loves America, But Democrats Hate America

There was non-stop applause for President Trump’s historic 2018 State of the Union address, as the President stood under the engraving of “In God We Trust”. Across the nation, people were touched by the kindness, care and wisdom of the President.

The Democrat Politicians are “the Faces of Hate”

However, many were very disappointed by the Democrat party, who acted like traitors of the USA. The Democrats refused to stand when President Trump mentioned God, the Pledge of Allegiance and having the lowest black and Hispanic unemployment ever seen. user, @JaredWyand, called the Democrats “the faces of hate,” because  when Trump brought up record employment for black people and other positive news the Democrats refused to stand.

“They are so disgusting they even hate their own people,” said user @AdrianLeigh about the Democrats.

The Democrat party also refused to stand when President Trump compassionately talked about the safety of the American people, the love and respect of our country, getting people off drugs, not telling the USA’s enemies our military plans, not giving money to our enemies, how communism hurts people and most of the address.

President Trump Loves America

“Watching the State of the Union, we see God’s mercy for the USA, with President Trump putting America first,” said Rev. Steven Andrew, who is the author of “Jesus Makes America Great.”

“The great things happening in the nation are because of the people who trust in Jesus to be the USA’s judge, lawgiver and king. Putting God first has caused His favor and we are seeing God’s mercy,” Andrew said referring to Isaiah 33:22.

It was obvious President Trump loves America, but the Democrats hate America.

Rev. Andrew asked the USA to give all the glory to God, for the great things the Lord is doing for the nation.

This last year, we also have seen God use President Trump to:

Be sure to watch the historic and encouraging State of the Union and see for yourself.

President Trump SOTU Loves America


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