President Trump’s Tulsa Oklahoma Rally Successfully Unites America with Hope

People across the nation have hope and American pride after President Trump’s Tulsa Oklahoma rally. While Joe Biden is hiding in a basement helping to destroy the economywith unending lockdowns, we see President Trump rally people to get back to work, church and life as normal. Biden helped China take away Amerian jobs, but President Trump puts America first, fighting for “Made in America”.

There is a lot of encouragement and excitement after the historic Oklahoma rally. Highlights include:

President Trump Stands Up for Churches: Joe Biden and the Democrats want to prosecute Americans for going to church, but not for burning a church. They believe you can riot, vandalize and destroy, but you cannot attend a peaceful pro-America rally. They want to punish your thought, but not their violent crimes. 

Veterans: We passed V.A. Choice. So if you’re a veteran, for years and years, they’ve wanted to do it for almost 50 years, we got it done… And so if you’re a veteran and you have to wait on line for one week, two weeks, three weeks, five weeks, seven weeks, two months. What happens is you go outside, you get a private doctor, you get fixed up and they pay your bill… We take care of the bill and you get immediate service. It’s never happened before. And our approval rating at the V.A. is now 91%, that’s how good it is. Never been anywhere near that number.

Love America: We should have legislation that if somebody wants to burn the American flag and stomp on it or just burn it, they go to jail for one year, okay? 

Lower Taxes: We passed the largest tax cuts in the history of our country. The Democrats want to raise your taxes. Tell me about that. Tell me about that. I guess I’m old fashioned. All my life, all my life, I heard politicians want to lower taxes, not raise them. If you could lower him, you couldn’t lose. The Democrats want to substantially raise your taxes. How do you figure that? How do you figure that?

President Trump Stands up for Safety: [Democrats] want to abolish bail, abolish and open up your borders. They want open borders, let everyone, and by the way, we’re doing so well. We have a record this month on the borders. Nobody’s coming in. Very few people. And they want to abolish ICE, our great people from ICE who send the roughest toughest, meanest people that you’ve ever seen or ever heard.

Law and Order: In Seattle the Democrat mayor and the Democrat city council have surrendered control of six city blocks to an anarchist … Now these are anarchists, these are not protestors. You listen to the fake news, they say, “Oh, the protesters were lovely.” Could you imagine if people just even slightly to the right tried to take over Seattle? They’d have machine guns out to get them, but these people can take over the city, look at what they’ve done to business people that have spent years and years building their business, and now they’re wiped out. Take it away. Governor Inslee ought to get his act together… I’m waiting for a call, I would love to do it. I would love to do it, it’ll take less than an hour and it’ll all be over with and you’ll have your city back.

American Pride: They were heading over to the Jefferson Memorial recently and they wanted to do damage to our great, beautiful Jefferson Memorial. Not going to happen. Don’t worry about it. We have it surrounded with very strong people. 

In God We Trust: We believe that faith and family, not government and bureaucracy are the true American way. We believe that children should be taught to love our country, honor our history, and always salute our great American flag. And we live by the words of our national motto, it will never change, “In God we trust.” 

There is a big contrast between Democrats persecuting Christians, promoting crime and ruining the economy on one side, and on the other side President Trump standing up for churches, safety and Americans making money with jobs.

Pastor: We Need God! “We must reaffirm covenant that the USA follow Jesus Christ to heal our lives and land. The Lord is the God of the USA and we are to seek God daily with all of our heart and all of our soul. We thank God that President Trump stands up for churches to meet,” said Rev. Steven Andrew. He is leading the nation to God with the group America Is on the Lord’s Side that includes many top Christians and pastors.

As the Oklahoma rally played “God Bless the USA,” hope was reignited. The song says: There ain’t no doubt. I love this land. God Bless the U.S.A.

President Trump Rally

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