President Trump Wins the First Debate Protecting America, as Biden Resorts to Lies

President Trump Pledge of Allegiance

President Trump has the best presidential plan to make the nation safe, strong and prosperous as he displayed in the first debate between Preisdent Trump and Joe Biden. People would lose money and safety with Biden.

President Trump is a strong leader to bring more jobs to the USA and help people turn to God. In the debate, President Trump exposed the crimes Biden committed, from committing treason when Biden refused to accept the 2016 election results and spied on President Trump to the lies Obama and Biden said about Obamacare. People lost their doctor and their plans and got worse teratment with Obamacare.

The night was filled with Biden lying and Chris Wallace, the moderator, teaming to gether against America and President Trump.

It is true that President Trump paid millions of dollars in federal income taxes. However, Wallace and Biden shared fake news from the New York Times that made up a fake story that President Trump paid $750 in taxes.

Joe Biden lied that President Trump did not ask China to let the USA investigate the Chinese coronavirus in China.

While Wallace didn’t bring up God, it should be noted that President Trump was the first President to talk at the March for Life, but Biden stands for killing babies, including after birth. President Trump plays God bless the USA almost everytme he speaks. However, Biden removed “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance at the DNC. The Bible teaches that Biden and the Democrats are cursed. “The curse of the LORD is in the house of the wicked, but he blesses the habitation of the just.” Proverbs 3:33.

President Trump brought up how Russia paid Hunter Biden $3.5 million and Biden lied that it wasn’t true.

People see how the economy turned around with God using Preisdent Trump to undo the Obama-Biden economic devastation. There was record unemployment before the Chinese coronavirus disaster affecting the world. Now, the economy is experiencing a V Shape recovery.

Pastors urge people to repent of all sins so God heals our land.

WATCH LIVE: First Presidential Debate

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