President Trump Update: “I Feel I Could Walk Out of Here Today”

President Trump Update

There is a very encouraging update on President Trump from a medical conference today. “I feel I could walk out of here today,” the doctors reported President Trump said. The love the people have for President Trump is overwhelming.

President Trump is expected to fully recover. President Trump went to Walter Reed as extra caution to protect the nation.

Dr. Sean Conley gave an update on President Trump, who was given Remdesiver and antibodies. President Trump is doing well.

People are praying for President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump to have a speedy recovery.

The President is not having difficult breathing. “All indicators are he will remain off of oxygen,” said the doctor.

A lot of national work and 2020 campaign efforts are ongoing as President Trump continues leading the nation politically. The medical conference reported that President Trump has “plenty of work for the chief of staff to get done”. Mark Meadows is Chief of Staff.

Pastors say it is important to vote for Republicans to save America and be strong, because the Democrat Party has been taken over by ungodly socialists/communists who would make people unsafe and poor. The downfall of the Democrat Party has been seen, as the Democrat Party is immoral and kills living babies, removed under God out of the Pledge at the DNC and is known for high taxes and poverty, especially to black people.

The USA’s national motto is In God We Trust. People are praying and trusting in God to help President Trump and the nation. The Bible promises “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD” Psalm 33:12.

This is an encouraging update on President Trump.

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