President Trump Gives Directive Empowering Christians to Boldly Pray in Schools and to Help Christian Organizations

President Trump Directive

As the Bible teaches, Steven Andrew is leading the nation to reaffirm covenant that the USA serves Jesus as judge, lawgiver and king (Isaiah 33:22). As a result, we see God’s favor and mercy with open doors to strengthen our Christian nation. President Trump gave a directive today that empowers Christians to pray in public schools and for Christian organizations to have easier access to federal programs.

President Trump said, “We are proudly announcing historic steps to protect the First Amendment right to pray in public schools so you have the right to pray and that’s a very important and powerful right. There’s nothing more important than that I would say.”

“This reaffirms Christian students’ God-given and Constitutional rights to pray,” Andrew said.

The Department of Education (DOE) responded they are “taking several concrete actions to protect religious liberty and ensure the Department is acting in accordance with the First Amendment,” according to a statement.

There are 9 Cabinet departments with new rules that remove federal regulatory burdens on Christians. States must verify that their school districts don’t have policies that limit Christian prayer. Violators must be referred to the Department of Education.

The DOE also “announced a proposed rule ensuring the equal treatment and constitutional rights of religious organizations and faith-based institutions, as well as First Amendment freedoms owed to students on campus.”

“God’s will is daily Bible reading and Christian prayer in schools. With our founders putting Christianity in schools, God raised the USA to be the number one nation,” Andrew said. “We know the Bible teaches false gods bring God’s judgment as Israel was taken into captivity for praying to false gods and other sins.

Earlier this year Andrew declared 2020 is Jesus Is King year. He asks the nation, including churches, to reaffirm Jesus Is King of our personal lives and the USA. “By living and publicly declaring, ‘Jesus Is King of the USA,’ we heal our land,” Andrew explained.

“Education is useless without the Bible,” said Noah Webster who is known as America’s schoolmaster.

“As we follow Jesus Christ in covenant, there will be more breakthroughs,” Andrew said. He leads the group America Is on the Lord’s Side, with top Christians and pastors across the nation.

Evangelicals for Trump held a meeting on January 3, 2020, where President Trump gave an inspirational message of our Christian founding fathers.

The directive is for all faiths, but people know the Christian founding fathers established the USA serves the Lord! Pastors must be bold and warn people that false gods mislead people, so people stand up for Christianity, not false ways.

History shows God blesses the USA for Christianity. On the other hand, simple observation reveals there is suffering and tyranny in Hindu and Muslim countries.

“All blessings come by following Jesus Christ,” Andrew said.

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