Is Michael Bloomberg an Evil Communist Grabbing Guns and Hating America?

God gives the rights to follow Jesus Christ and protect yourself.

Are Democrats really communists just posing as socialists? Michael Bloomberg has a strong record opposing America, including the 2nd Amendment. Everyone knows communists take away guns to bully the people.

The difference between President Donald J. Trump and Bloomberg and the rest of the Democrat Party is President Trump loves America, but the Democrat candidates hate America. President Trump is moving people toward the founders, but the Democrats are leading people toward communist China.

Bloomberg opposes God-given rights to protect yourself and others.
Breitbart reports Bloomberg opposes armed teachers and supports Red Flag “laws,” universal background checks and more gun trafficking “legislation”. These evil acts of Bloomberg, other Democrats and even RINO’s are what tyrants do to take over a country.

National security comes from God. So what do we do? We must each get right with God. 2 Chronicles 7:14 calls the USA to humble ourselves before God and turn away from our wicked ways, including false gods such as Islam, the Mormon cult and Hinduism. We also are to turn away from homosexual, lesbian, transgender abortion and other sins.

“The only way to have God’s favor to have good leaders that protect the Second Amendment and our other God-given rights is to follow Jesus Christ as a nation,” says Steven Andrew. He leads One Million Americans on the Lord’s Side and the new social network USA.Life.

As the Constitution shows it is illegal to undermine the 2nd Amendment.

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