Hunter Biden Called ‘Deadbeat Dad’ by Sen. Cotton

Tom Cotton USA
Sen. Tom Cotton

Hunter Biden, who has been accused of mass corruption charges with Joe Biden, has been called a “Deadbeat Dad” by Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR).

The corruption of the Democrat Party grows daily.

However, the mainstream media hides this news from the American people. Cotton said the NY Times and Washington Post didn’t cover the bad news about Hunter Biden’s alleged corruption cover up.

“Hunter Biden faces contempt of court in Arkansas in child-support lawsuit for refusing to disclose financial information. I wonder why he’d risk contempt to conceal his income & taxes?” said Cotton on Twitter.

People are seeking God to remove the corruption. 2020 has been declared Jesus Is King Year, as there is no corruption where people welcome King Jesus to reign. The founding fathers said, “No King But King Jesus,” as America won victory over corrupt King George.

Christians are rallying together to support President Trump.

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