Harvard Study: American Christianity Is ‘Persistent and Exceptional’

Jesus Christ is Lord of the USA

The USA stands above the world in following Jesus Christ. A recent study from Harvard and Indiana University Bloomington shows that American Christianity is “persistently and exceptionally intense”.

“The reason why American Christianity is intense is the USA is a covenant Christian nation dedicated to God by our Christian founders. We are seeing revival as people reaffirm that Jesus Christ is Lord of the USA,” said Rev. Steven Andrew, who is pastoring the USA and leads One Million Americans on the LORD’s Side.

The Harvard and Indiana Bloomington study shows that strong Christians are intense about their faith. It is those who are moderate that are declining.

God Blesses the USA Because of the People Following Jesus Christ

“People realize that all the USA’s blessings come through Jesus Christ. This is one reason why people proclaim the USA is a Christian nation,” Andrew said.

President Trump recently said, “We pledge allegiance one nation under God” and “the government is upon [Jesus’] shoulders,” which Andrew explains is reaffirming covenant that the USA belongs to the Lord.

True Americans Are Exceptionally Devoted to God

The study opposed the idea that “[r]ecent research argues that the United States is secularizing, that this religious change is consistent with the secularization thesis, and that American religion is not exceptional.”

In contrast the study found, “we show that rather than religion fading into irrelevance as the secularization thesis would suggest, intense religion—strong affiliation, very frequent practice, literalism, and evangelicalism—is persistent and,
in fact, only moderate religion is on the decline in the United States.”

“We also show that in comparable countries, intense religion is on the decline or already at very low levels. Therefore, the intensity of American religion is actually becoming more exceptional over time,” the study observed.


A Greater Revival Is In Works

The researchers at Harvard and Indiana Bloomington concluded “intense religion in the United States is persistent and exceptional in ways that do not fit the secularization thesis.”

“This is a Christian nation,” affirmed the USA Supreme Court.

Andrew leads many of the top Americans with One Million Americans on the LORD’s Side. He currently is leading 40 days of prayer for more America breakthroughs.

Andrew is starting 25 ministries, so millions of people will reaffirm the USA serves the Lord and is raising $5.7 million to launch the first phase of these nationwide revival ministries. Those who want to see an even greater revival, can give their financial support at www.USA.church to launch these 25 revival ministries.

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