Facebook Censors Pro-Life Message; Melissa Ohden Being Abortion Survivor Violates ‘Community Standards’

Melissa Ohden Survived Abortion

Why does Facebook hate conservatives? Why does Facebook censor pro-lifers? Facebook censored the pro-life miracle story of Melissa Ohden, who is director of the Abortion Survivors Network. Ohden survived an abortion and was adopted. However, Facebook considers speaking the truth about abortion to be a violation of ‘community standards” and has a history of blocking pro-lifers, Christians and conservatives.

Life Training Institute’s Seth Gruber posted a link to a video interviewing Ohden on Facebook, but got a notification that “your post goes against our community standards on spam. No one else can see your post. We have these standards to help prevent people from misleading others. We may restrict your account if you violate our standards again,” LifeSiteNews reported.

It is estimated that Facebook has blocked billions of Christian, conservative and pro-America messages from reaching people. Facebook has caused harm to the USA, since it blocks America’s core beliefs.

On one account Facebook blocked 5 million people per month from getting Steven Andrew’s Christian messages of God’s love and hope. After seeing Facebook collectively block over 100 million people from Christianity on Andrew’s account, he started USA.Life social network that replaces Facebook.

USA.Life is pro-America and pro-Christian. This new social network is growing as people quit Facebook and Twitter. USA.Life is the most popular new social network recently started.

“It is urgent for Christians and conservatives to join USA.Life and ask their friends to friend them to save America, because Facebook’s bullying of conservatives has weakened conservatives to only have a mild message so they are not blocked by Facebook. A lukewarm message so you stay on Facebook can’t save America or protect people from financial loss with socialism. However, speaking freely for life, liberty and happiness on USA.Life is turning the nation around with real American boldness,” Andrew said.

The inspiring Ohden pro-life video that Facebook blocked follows.

Facebook can shadowban conservatives without them knowing it, where their post looks fine, but are blocked in secret. After the news got out about Facebook blocking this Ohden post surving abortion, the post was unblocked. However, everyone knows conservatives are unsafe on Facebook and Twitter.

Here is the link to get a free account on USA.Life that describes itself as “the answer to Facebook and Twitter censoring Christians, conservatives and liberty.

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