Dangerous Migrants Attack Police

Migrants from Africa, Haiti and other places attacked police in Mexico as they demanded to have free transport to the U.S.

The Voice of America video shows many migrants taunting, approaching and hitting the police.

Across the USA, there has been a shift in public opinion. Since migrants typically bring crime, diseases and anti-American ways more people no longer want illegal aliens.

Pastors point out God has a wall in Heaven. When Nehemiah built the wall to protect the people it was from God. The Bible is pro Wall.

With the shift where people see the wall as a benefit, President Trump is increasingly viewed as caring for America when he stands up to build the wall and secure the borders. However, Democrats are seen as haters who hate America, since Democrats support sex-trafficking, crime and attacks on the country that come from insecure borders.

Today President Trump shared the wall is being built:

Democrat bigotry is more obvious each day. Liberal Facebook is known for shadowbanning Christians and conservatives, which is a communist tactic. Facebook blocked a Women for Trump ad.

Roy Moore is running to be Alabama Senator in 2020 and he would protect people. Moore is strong on securing the borders to keep Americans safe.

Build the Wall. Protect people.
Build the Wall. Protect people.

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