Crowd Cheers and Loves President Trump at Alabama-LSU Game

President Donald J. Trump was warmly cheered and loved at the Alabama – LSU game on Saturday, November 9th.

Fans know our president stands up for America, Christian religious liberty and protecting people from criminal illegal aliens. This is important for national security.

People see that the Democrat Party made an illegal impeachment fuss over their own lies and deceit. Christians are leaving the Democrat Party for it’s lying and treason.

First Lady Melania Trump also attended the football game and was warmly welcomed.

The founding fathers show us the secret to America having a great government is for people to agree the USA serves Jesus Christ and choose Christian leaders who believe Jesus is judge, lawgiver and king.

The Bible says, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD” in Psalm 33:12.

President Trump attends Military Football Game
President Trump attends Military Football Game

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