Christians Celebrate President Trump Cutting $60 Million from Planned Parenthood

President Trump Pro-Life March for Life Winning

President Trump cutting $60 million from Planned Parenthood’s likely funding is causing Christians, conservatives and others who believe in life to celebrate across the country.

The President “issued a final federal rule Friday that could deprive abortion giant Planned Parenthood of $60 million in taxpayer funding annually,” reported WND.

There is a big contrast between President Trump loving people and defending life compared to the Democrat Party leaders killing babies in obvious hate. Democrats have recently advocated to kill children born alive, as Barack Obama also believes. That is one reason why Christians and pastors are calling the Democrat Party Satanic.

The Title X Protect Life Rule is Planned Parenthood’s second biggest source of taxpayer funding, after Medicaid, explained WND.

Christians are working and praying to cut all of Planned Parenthood’s $500 million a year government money. God says, “Thou shalt not kill” (Exodus 20:13). Psalm 106 explains that abortion is sacrificing children to devils.

That is why those who have participated in abortions are encouraged to ask God to forgive their sins by Jesus’ blood (1 John 1:7, 9, John 3:16). Only Jesus’ blood can forgive sins.

President Trump is the first president to speak at the March for Life, which he has done each year by video. Vice President Pence also takes a bold pro-life stand.


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