Almost 1000 Christians Protest COVID-19 Tyranny at Texas Capitol with Open Air Church Service for Liberty

Americans love freedom. Several hundred people, perhaps one thousand Christians, gathered to protest COVID-19 tyranny at the Texas Capital in Austin, Texas on June 28, 2020. The Christian founding fathers taught to stand up for liberty in 1776, because the Bible teaches liberty is a God-given right. And people have had enough tyranny that they are demanding freedom and to “take off the mask”!

The open air church meeting showed unconstitutional orders are under attack by We the People. They opposed forced vaccinations and forced mask wearing.

Many believe coronavirus is being manipulated by Democrats as the socialist Democrats try a communist overthrow attempt against America that would cause poverty and tyranny never seen before. “It seems the Democrats want the economy to crash, riots and lawlessness,” said a Christian.

President Trump said at the Tulsa Rally, “Joe Biden and the Democrats want to prosecute Americans for going to church, but not for burning a church. They believe you can riot, vandalize, and destroy, but you cannot attend a peaceful pro-America rally.”

The open air church meeting speaker called for Christians to have good deeds for standing up for God-given rights and “take off the mask”. Christians opposed unconstitutional lockdowns and being forced to wear a mask against their will.

The news reports people have died from wearing masks. For example, a driver was killed and a person exercising died from not getting enough oxygen.

Watch the open air church service and peaceful protest in the video.

The Austin open air church service shows people feel their God-given rights are being violated and they won’t put up with the lawlessness. The Bible teaches “We ought to obey God rather than men” in Acts 5:29.

Church Rally

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