44% Are More Open to God Now; “Big Positive Shift Is from Christian Nation Government Now Revival” Says Steven Andrew

People are crying out to God daily for a Christian Nation government now with Steven Andrew and this is bringing a spiritual shift of hope and revival. “Good things always happen when you obey God’s Word for Christian leaders to fear the Lord. God raised me up for great revival, Exodus 18:21, Psalm 2, Mark 12:30, Isaiah 33:22,” said Andrew. He leads the daily Save America Revival program at USA.Church Now, more Americans say they are more open to God today than they were before the pandemic.

Steven Andrew America's Pastor

The Barna Group found 44% of U.S. adults described themselves as “more open to God today than I was before the pandemic.” The majority of adults, 74%, indicated a desire to grow spiritually.

“Jesus Christ is the way, the life and the truth. Do you believe Jesus Christ died on the cross to forgive your sins? Call on Jesus Christ to save you,” Andrew said. “Read the Bible and pray morning and evening, and turn from wicked ways,” Andrew continued. “Join me in crying out to God daily for a Christian Nation government now. Can you give an hour per day to heal our land? Everyone can give 15 minutes, but if you can dedicate an hour per day with standing up for a Christian Nation government, prayer and watching Save America Revival!”

“Christian Nation government now is the most powerful ministry action Christians can do. History shows America following God causes the most salvations, strongest families, strongest church and greatest blessings,” Andrew said. Those who want to support revival can donate at USA.Church.

To see hope for our lives and nation, it is important to watch Save America Revival! daily. The program is on USA.Life social network and USA Christian Church at USA.Church

HOPE. PRAY: Lord, You are America’s God. The USA needs You. We humble ourselves before You and seek Your face. We turn from our wicked ways. Forgive our sins by Jesus Christ’s blood. We cry out for a 100% Christian Nation government now. We ask for those who fear You to replace any who disobey You now. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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